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Month: March, 2015

Short Story Challenge 2015 – Round 2

I’ve just posted my story for Round 2 of the Short Story Challenge on its own page. As always, I’d love to hear any comments or critique you’d like to hurl my way. I’m calling this one rated PG for violence.

Down the Tubes


Crossing off the Success List: Short Story Challenge Round 2!

boromirWell, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks since my last post. Last week, I received notice that my Round 1 submission to the Short Story Challenge won second place in its heat! The top five moved on to Round 2, so that means that I’ve met another one of my goals! Unfortunately, they get a lot harder from here… Read the rest of this entry »

Measuring Success

a_winner_is_youSomething happened yesterday that made me really happy. A friend who does lots of reading messaged me on Facebook after having my recent story, The Third Wish, drift through her thoughts. It confused her, because she couldn’t initially place where she’d seen it. She told me, “Oh, this was Ross’s story, not one of the Hugo stories I read last year. Well, I’m glad it didn’t lose an award after all, because it’s way better than most of those were.” This made me really happy, and also caused me to think about how I gauge success in my writing.

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