Crossing off the Success List: Short Story Challenge Round 2!

by rossnewberry

boromirWell, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks since my last post. Last week, I received notice that my Round 1 submission to the Short Story Challenge won second place in its heat! The top five moved on to Round 2, so that means that I’ve met another one of my goals! Unfortunately, they get a lot harder from here…

  • Clear my head
  • Impress my parents
  • Impress my friends
  • Advance to the second round of this year’s NYCMidnight Short Story Challenge.
  • Get into the final round…
  • Finish my first novel.
  • Get my novel published.
  • Get something published by Tor Books, my favorite imprint.
  • Have somebody find my blog or contact me socially after seeing my published work.
  • Have somebody pirate my work.
  • Get a five-star review for my work from someone I don’t know.
  • Win a writing contest.
  • Win an award for my writing.
  • Get a blurb from a famous author on my work.

I’ve submitted my Round 2 story, and I’ll post it here as soon as I receive official notice that it’s been accepted. The talent in Round 2 is going to be six times better, so I’m not expecting to advance to the final round. Even if I don’t, though, the experience of my first writing contest has been an interesting challenge that’s introduced me to lots of other writers and their work, along with pushing me to be creative on a timetable. This is an area I really needed to improve, so the journey is already a success.

Now, it’s time to cross my fingers wait to see what the judges think of Round 2!