IN WHICH a humble request is made for donations

This past weekend, I attended JordanCon, an annual SciFi/Fantasy book convention that began as a celebration of the late Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, but has since grown to encompass others. Though attendance hovers from five to six hundred people each year, there’s a core group of people from all across the world who act as the backbone. Those people have, over the past 8 years, come to act less like friends and more like family, and this past Sunday, the family took a hit.

I’ve attended JordanCon the past three years, so I don’t know exactly how long Jim and Julia Moore have been going. What I can tell you is that, each of the past three years, any time that I entered or exited the Art Show, I expected to see Jim Moore in his Warder’s cloak working security, making sure those not attending the Con didn’t get in, and that unpaid-for art didn’t get out. In the course of a three-day-long convention, I only saw him away from his post for maybe an hour, total.

Know how much he got paid for his efforts? Zero. He and his wife, like everyone else staffing the Con (including myself), are volunteers. Actually, I need to amend that total. They were paid zero, minus a Jeep. You see, after they and I finished tearing down the Art Show on Sunday, they went out to the hotel parking lot to find that someone had stolen their car. Their uninsured car.

I’m generally a very happy, positive person, but thinking of these incredibly generous people being rewarded for the weekend they gave to other people by losing their car is incalculably infuriating. One of the artists attending the Con has set up a GoFundMe campaign in order to help raise funds to replace the Moores’ car. If you read this, and can spare even $5, well, it all adds up.

But wait! There’s more! At the time of posting, the campaign has raised $3,655. If the total hits $5000, I’ve agreed to post a video of myself playing guitar and singing along to “Jak o’ the Shadows”, a song from the Wheel of Time books, while sitting in a bin of icewater. If that’s something you’ve always wanted to see, you should by all means help give enough to make it happen. Let’s do this. Fair warning: I am not an excellent singer.

Again, the link is: