A Mother of a Gift

by Ross Newberry. Mother’s Day, 2016

There’s some moms give hugs,
and some, cocoa mugs,
and some what give both, if you ask.
Though some give a switchin’,
and some, prone to bitchin’,
grab an ear when they take ya to task.

 But child, as you grow,
I want you to know
that your mom does it all for a reason.
‘Cause one day you’re grown
and out on your own
and you won’t see yer ma for a season.

 Whatever she’s givin’s
to help you with livin’
the best life your mama could dream.
So take it and smile,
and know all the while
that you’ve always got her on your team.

 And if ma ever stops
that advice that she drops,
well, she’s done all she thinks she can do.
Then, go make her proud,
standing out in the crowd,
and convince the old girl you heard true.